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Everything You need is already in YOU!

It is so easy to blame outside circumstances for discomfort and unhappiness.  Who would ever ask for this excruciating pain that persists in my body?  Who would choose to stay in this terrible job if they had any other option?  Who would choose to be a single mother, over worked and under appreciated? 

I can't change my circumstance! 

No one is helping me!  

I never have enough!  

And on and on the excuses and circumstances mount, aren't you tired already? 

 The truth is You create your reality and everything you need to change your circumstance only You can make it happen!! I challenge you to take responsibility for your life and love yourself to do the things you know you need to do.  If you say your going to workout once a week, keep your commitment with yourself and DO IT!  Next time you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up, be kind to yourself the same way you would to a friend or a lover.  You are your best friend, wherever you go there you will be.  You can't get away from yourself, so love yourself and you will find love all around you.  This page will offer quotes, tips, and videos that are intended to support the journey to self discovery.

Begin to enjoy the Journey, because the journey never stops.  

Peace and Harmony!! 

Videos that Challenge Growth

The Book of Thomas Revealed!

This video reveals the lost book of Thomas that was intentionally removed from the Bible. This video explains manifestation, consciousness and oneness.  You will hear from Gregg Braden an author and scientist discuss this very important book that is the spoken words of Jesus explaining how the power within him is within us and how to use the power!  

Abraham Hicks

10 years ago I was introduced to the teaching of Abraham through Ester Hicks.  She is a pioneer in the understanding of Law of Attraction and this video is one of the most profound videos that help bring this life experience into perspective. 

Meditation and Yoga

During my journey, Louise Haye is one of the first teachers to help me love myself.  Her teachings and concepts released truths within my self that have been blocking my own progress.  I hope these videos will help you release the mental blockages that hold us back for being our best self!

Yoga is the spiritual practice of aligning the mind with the body.  As you explore your inner being focus your intentions through yoga.  It allows you to channel your thoughts and focus on your inner strength.

Connecting the mind with the body

15 min meditation 

This is a powerful meditation which should be done daily for 7 days. It will help clear negative energy.

Yoga fundamentals

This 20 min video is an excellent guide to the beginning journey of yoga.