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The Journey to Peace and Harmony

Keisha Brooks Founder of The Living Center Detroit-East


Twelve years ago the father of my daughter, returned from a trip to Tokyo baring gifts.  The first thing he brought me was a beautiful Japanese robe, the second thing he brought me was a Buddhist book.  I was intrigued and dove into it.  The concepts resonated with me on such a deep level!  I began practicing the teaching and that is when I was lead to meditation.  The concept of being still was so foreign to me it took me two weeks, just be able to sit still for 5 minutes, without twitching or itching.  Finally I did it, and then I was able to be still, close my eyes and breath deeply; without falling asleep.  And now it is apart of my daily routine and has truly helped me focus and maintain a calm temperament, especially when life gets really crazy.  Fifteen mins of mediation a day will change your life, allow us to lead you to your fullest potential!


Once I began meditating I started learning about Yoga.  It was like the next logical step and they go together creating a vibration of effortless experiences.  I realized that aligning the mind, with the body created an environment for almost instant manifestation.  Yoga is not just a trendy exercise but a spiritual practice that aligns your mind, body and spirit.  Join us and experience your best self!!

Massage Therapy

The last and final piece to the journey for me was massage therapy.  It is amazing the healing power of massage therapy.  I became a therapist by pure fluke but I discovered my gift.  One fluke massage turned into hundreds of  therapy session that have healed and served many people.  With over 10yrs experience, massage therapy has become a sacred art that I know helps boost the immune system, regulates blood pressure, supports blood circulation and relieves muscles pain.

Real Estate Investing

In order for Detroit to be fully restored to it's historic glory our neighborhood must be invested in!!  The neglect and blight of Detroit neighborhoods is inexcusable.  The Living Center Detroit-East is dedicated to being a contributor for the growth and revitalization of Detroit's neighborhood's.  In order to make this happen, Real Estate Investment services are provided to help people keep their homes, find capital to  renovate or just get out of a bad situation with a house, maintaining a win, win for all parties.  If you have a home or know someone that needs assistance with selling their home or you are an investor ready to buy property go to the contact page and enter your information, someone will contact you immediately!!

The Living Center Detroit-East

The Liv​ing Center Detroit-East is a Community Center with a focus on health and well-being within under served areas primarily occupied by African Americans.  Our facility will be a place for everyone, with a special interest in empowering residents within the 48224 area codes to positively contribute to the renewal of their neighborhoods.  We will accomplish this by:

• Incorporate practical Zen inspired themes throughout; including a greenspace, inspirational artwork, musical clouds that increase energetic vibration, Crush Cubes to reduce excessive noise and increase concentration.

• Serve nutritious foods and snack provided by local urban farmers and retailers. Collaborating with local service providers such as, The Michigan Farming Initiative, Greening of Detroit and Earthworks Urban Farm will keep inventory cost down and keep dollars circulating within Detroit.

• Create a social network of like-minded individuals, by being open 5 days a week, with a flex operations schedule for community events and special classes such as dance, music, art and culinary instruction.

• Real Estate investing,  buying, renovating and reselling to working class families bringing neighbors back into the neighborhood.

• Projected opening date November 2019